Gain Control of your Financial Future

Financial Education

We feel financial educational is important, so you have the inside track on
insurance, investments, budgeting and retirement planning.
You can learn simply by asking questions to gain information
that will equip you to make better decisions for your financial future.
Please contact us with your questions for free information and education.

Financial knowledge you should understand.

– What you need to know.

  • Can you pay the bills if you experience a heart attack, stroke or cancer?
  • How to make this insurance free.
  • Disability (pay-cheque) insurance and why it’s so important.

TFSA’s vs RRSP’s
– What are the benefits of each?

  • TFSA VS RRSP’s. What’s the difference and which is better for you?
  • How to maximize your retirement savings, without taking more money out of your pocket.
  • What do I need to know at retirement?

- Everyone can be covered.

  • Are you a business owner, wondering if there is a better way to insure your health care?
  • You are never too small for a health benefits plan.
  • Understanding how the health care industry works. What are your options?

– Are you preparing for your future?

  • How much savings you need to retire and what rate of return do you really need?
  • What income will you receive from the government in retirement.
  • Do you really want all your retirement income to be taxable?

RESP’s – What are the benefits?

  • The Canada Education Savings Grant - where else can you get 20% on your savings?
  • The benefits of a family plan vs individual plans
  • Tax deferred growth, the sooner you start, the more you can save

CASH FLOW – Do you know
where your money is going?

  • How to fund your dreams and get more life from the money you have.
  • Understanding your cash flow can steer you towards financial freedom.
  • How to find the money without changing your lifestyle.

LIFE INSURANCE – Do you need it?

  • How to get your insurance for free.
  • Demystifying life insurance: how much should you have and what type?
  • What you need to know about mortgage insurance.